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Do you have some reservations about getting Quality Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill to be your go-to Garage Door Repair & Replacement team? See what the rest of Richmond Hill has said about the undeniable quality of our services:

Garage door spring repair

Gloria Cooper

As I was in my garage the other day getting my holiday decorations out I heard a strange pop sound as I went to investigate my entire door came slamming down. The garage door spring snapped. I was terrified. I called in frantically and was instantly put at ease. A technician arrived quickly and replaced my broken garage door spring and repaired my other one to ensure this wouldn’t happen again. I am beyond grateful for the quick professional service. Thank you!

Garage door opener repair

Leonard Potter

The other evening after arriving home from work I tried to open my garage door with my remote. It did not work so I got out and tried to open it manually which also didn’t work. I called in for emergency services so I could park my car for the night. Without hesitation a service man was out at my house to install a new opener and provide me with 2 new remotes. Thanks again!

Garage Door Repair

Troy Lear

So thankful for Quality Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill! They were open when no one else was to help me with my damaged garage door (I might have driven my car into it just a little bit). The garage door repair technician was at my house in under an hour and was able to have everything fixed up before my wife got home. Now to keep her from seeing the charges in our account (LOL). Thanks so much for your help guys!

Garage Door Installation

Matalia Rundy

I’m in real estate and one of the quickest ways I’ve found to boost a home’s curb appeal is by a quick garage door installation service. Whenever I get a new garage door installed on a property it immediately looks 10x better. I’ve used Quality Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill for four of my projects now and their work never disappoints. I highly recommend this wonderful company.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Ross Wilde

Pulled into my driveway yesterday to find my garage door just hanging there haphazardly. I didn’t know what could have caused my door to fall like that, so I immediately looked up a garage door repair company to call. I’m so glad Quality Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill popped up first. They were great to work with. What I thought was going to cost me a ton of money turned out to be a simple and affordable garage door spring replacement job. They definitely could have duped me into paying double of what I paid because my door just looked so bad swinging there, but their tech was honest and seemed to know everything he could about garage doors and springs. I will definitely use you guys in the future, thanks so much!

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Alicia Nando

I went to open my garage door the other morning and it was making this awful grinding noise. I called Quality Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill and they deduced that it was an issue with my opener. One of their garage door opener replacement specialists came out and walked me through the entire process as he swapped out my dated opener with a new sleek one. Now my door opens even quieter than before, thank you!